• 4 Accounting Functions New Businesses Should Consider

    Many entrepreneurs who start small businesses may be unable to hire full-time accounting professionals from the launch date of their businesses. Such business owners may need to hire part-time help in order to ensure that the company doesn't run into accounting problems. This article discusses four key accounting functions that startup business owners should consider hiring professionals to execute on a part-time basis. Setting Up the Accounting System You need to hire an accounting professional to study your business. [Read More]

  • Differentiating Between Invoice Discounting and Factoring

    If you are a business owner and your clients are taking longer and longer to pay up their invoices, you may find yourself feeling quite stressed. Unfortunately, late invoice payments are a common occurrence among most businesses. Typically, it is not a guarantee that just because you have a profitable business you will also have steady cash flow. So how is it that you could be having a profitable business yet you have unreliable cash flow finance? [Read More]