What Are BAS and BAS Agents in Australia?

Posted on: 31 December 2015

BAS is an abbreviation that stands for Business Activity Statements. BAS agents are those professional that offer business activity statements related services. These professionals are trained and registered as accountants and bookkeepers. Businesses use BAS in their tax obligations. Other individuals that use BAS are those providing quarterly installments of pay-as-you-go tax.  But when do you need to be registered as BAS agent? This article will look at BAS and how to become qualified BAS agents in Australia.

Who Needs To Be Registered As a BAS Agent in Australia?

All individuals providing and charging for any BAS services or any tax agent services must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board in Australia. This will provide you with a legal stand and recognition to provide all BAS services and receive fees, payments, remuneration or any other award. BAS agents are involved in the following activities in their professional practice;

  • BAS agents must be able to work out and provide advice to clients about their liabilities, entitlements and obligations under any BAS provision.
  • BAS agents must also be able to deal with the Taxation Commissioner on behalf of a client regarding any BAS provision.
  • BAS agents must also be able to rise up to a situation where it is reasonably expected that the client will rely on BAS agent services to satisfy claims, liabilities and entitlements that may be occasioned by any BAS provision.

But how do you qualify to become a BAS agent? On the very basic, BAS agents must be adults of at least 18 years with relevant training and experience. Anyone seeking to register as a BAS agent should apply for the same from the Tax Practitioners Board. Here the applicant will be required to fill an application form approved by the Board as well as attach all supporting documents. There is usually a fee that is payable to the Board in the registration application process.

All BAS agents should be able to educate clients on the best ways to seek services in line with the BAS provisions. BAS provisions as quoted from Tax Practitioners Board include the following;

  • Goods and Services Tax Law
  • Wine equalisation tax law
  • Luxury car tax law
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) installments
  • PAYG withholding
  • Fuel tax law
  • Fringe benefits tax installments (relating to collection and recovery only)

In other instances, lawyers practicing tax obligations also need to register. However, their registration is not part of BAS. For more information, contact a professional service, such as JSPN Bookkeeping Solutions.