• Can an Accountant Help You Prepare for Your Next Major Loan Application?

    Applying for a major loan can be a daunting experience. Whether it's a business loan or a mortgage, the stakes are high, and getting the loan approved can make or break your future plans. But an accountant may be able to assist you in this process, so why should you think about enlisting their help? Assessing Your Financial Situation One of the first things an accountant will do when helping you prepare for a major loan application is assess your financial situation. [Read More]

  • Can You Claim Business Tax Deductions When You Run a Business From Home?

    When you first start out in business, you may want to keep your costs as low as possible and have decided that you will work from home. You know that you need to keep close track of your expenses, record all your transactions to account for tax when it's due, and run a profitable operation. Yet did you know that you can claim some deductions for that home-based office? If you didn't realise that was an option, what do you need to know, and should you get some help to make sure you don't miss another trick? [Read More]

  • Why You Should Invest in Professional Business Tax Accounting Services

    One of the most popular terms in today's financial world is business accounting service. However, you might ask yourself what it entails and its significance to small businesses globally. Accounting is critical to any business entity and it's the backbone that helps keep all transactions and finances in check. Many startup businesses think they can't afford tax accounting services. However, there are essential business tax accounting services you can count on daily. [Read More]

  • Top Hacks For Efficient Small Business Bookkeeping

    Healthy business financials partly rely on accurate bookkeeping, which is an integral part of running a small-scale establishment. Notably, bookkeeping provides critical information that business owners can use to make sound operational, investment and financing decisions. That said, you can only guarantee accurate bookkeeping if you stay on top of your financials and make the process simpler. This article highlights critical and practical bookkeeping hacks to implement in a small-scale business venture. [Read More]

  • 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Accountant Now More Than Ever

    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected most small businesses. In a bid to cut operational costs, some business owners opt to forego essential services such as accounting. However, such measures will only work against the business and lead to losses. Below are a few compelling reasons why your small business requires the services of an accountant. Additionally, you will also learn how you can manage accounting costs amid the challenging business environment. [Read More]

  • Why Should Your Business Outsource Accounting Services? Check Out These 3 Reasons

    Whether you are a start-up or an established business, keeping proper books is critical to ensure business growth. But it can be a little tricky to juggle between your daily business duties and carrying out accounting operations that require your undivided attention. You might also lack the necessary resources to do the accounting all by yourself.  Outsourcing your accounting tasks will solve all these problems and make the running of your business easier. [Read More]

  • Three things to look for when hiring bookkeeping assistance

    To run your business successfully, you must keep your clients happy. You must focus on completing work for your clients and ensuring that your staff know what they should be doing. Taking care of these vital day-to-day matters often mean that less immediate concerns, such as accurate bookkeeping become marginalized. Issues that are skipped at one point are likely to recur later as much larger problems.  Perhaps you need to understand why your company suddenly has cash flow problems or why no-one filed your tax returns on time. [Read More]

  • How to Handle Home Vacation Rental from a Tax Perspective

    With international air travel off-limits for the most part, and the situation likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future, Australians will be on the lookout for domestic holiday options. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who has spare accommodation or second home that they may use for renters. If you're thinking about this opportunity, you may be able to make the option even more palatable from a tax perspective. [Read More]

  • 3 Guidelines to Help You Pick an Excellent Accountant

    Everyone starts a business with the aim that it will thrive and become a giant in a particular niche. One of the easy ways to ensure exponential business growth is recruiting a trusted accountant to help with financial record-keeping, tax advice, accounting, and auditing.  The four functions of the accountant, and your specific business needs, should always guide you in choosing the ideal candidate for the job. You can get a competent accountant by asking for referrals from bankers, attorneys, and business associates. [Read More]

  • Beneficial Accounting Services Your Business Will Receive From a Dedicated Accounting Firm

    It is not surprising to find small business owners trying to do everything they can on their own in an attempt to cut costs and keep a profitable bottom line. Although this approach can work in some areas of your business, it should never be your go-to route when it comes to your business's finances. While you may be trying to save money by not outsourcing your accounting needs, you could be putting your business's profits in jeopardy, which will inevitably result in losses for your bottom line. [Read More]