Hire a Tax Accountant to Get Maximum Tax Refunds on Returns

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Come tax season, many individuals and business owners hire tax accountant to do the tax filing on their behalf. One reason for this is so as to ensure that the filings are made correctly and that you do not get into trouble with the government about wrong filings, tax debt of late filings. However, another reason you should hire a tax accountant is so as to ensure you receive maximum tax refunds where applicable. [Read More]

Divorce and Taxes: Four Things to Consider and Why You May Need an Accountant to Help

Posted on: 6 April 2015

Getting divorced can be hard emotionally and financially, and when tax time rolls around, your divorce may complicate your taxes. Wondering how your divorce may affect your taxes? Take a look at these four elements: 1. Claiming the Family Tax Benefit The Family Tax Benefit is a cash, income-based benefit that helps with the cost of raising children. In order to claim this benefit, your child must be living with you at least 35 percent of the time. [Read More]